Kitchen Makeover (for under $300!)

Hey there!
Today I am going to share with you a recent kitchen makeover project that I completed.  This kitchen definitely wasn’t all bad, but with navy blue cabinets, white doors, straw yellow walls, painted-on checkered backsplash, and a DIY counter top… it was begging for my help.

kitchen 1

Okay, let’s begin!

I started by toning down the cabinets and painted them all white.  I’ll be honest, painting cabinets is a time consuming job that is not so much fun.  However, I will help you on this journey by giving you a tip that you CANNOT forget before you’re removing all of your doors… number your cabinets and hardware!
This doesn’t have to be complicated! Go around your kitchen with painters tape, put a piece on the inside of each door and using the same number put a piece on the inside of the cabinet.  This way, when you go to put your doors back on you’ll know exactly where they belong.  Now, you might be confused why I’m telling you to number your hardware as well… I learned this the hard way.  When I tried to put my cabinet doors back on, they weren’t fitting the way they should, because the hinges were on all wrong.
So, don’t do that.  Label your hinges (example: #1 door/TOP, #1 door/BOTTOM).  You’ll thank me, seriously.

Next up, the walls.
I used SICO ‘Muise’ paint, it was on sale for $30/gallon and is “Guaranteed Best Paint”…#winning!
The wall color I chose was Benjamin Moore “Paper White”, it turned out beautifully.

After the walls were painted, I moved on to the counter top.  After much consideration, I decided to go ahead with a DIY counter top kit, at a sale price of $150.00.
Beauti-Tone Countertop Refinishing Kit, Jet Black
What. A. Transformation.  It looks incredible.
I would highly recommend this kit to anyone looking to update their kitchen on a budget, it was easy to do, and it has held up perfectly (so far!).  Also, the counter top had a (very) narrow peninsula attached, which did not serve much of a purpose as it was too narrow and small to have more than one person try to eat there at a time.
So, buh-bye!
See ya never.
After it was removed the kitchen felt so open!


Next, we have window treatments!
The existing valances were an ‘awning’ style, they were outdated and looked a little circus-y to me.  I needed to add a pop of color in the kitchen so I made new valances.  I was able to simply alter the hardware, so no extra cost added there!  All that I had to purchase was fabric, so $20 later we have color in the kitchen!


The last thing to address was seating.  Since I eliminated the seating area/peninsula and the kitchen is completely open, I wanted to add somewhere to sit since the formal dining room is rarely used.
Enter, Kijiji. 
I found an antique table for $25, perfect.  All I had to do was add caster wheels, and (voila!) we have a kitchen island.


Alright, here’s the breakdown:
Cabinet Paint – $52.00
Beauti-tone Countertop Kit – $150.00 (on sale)
SICO Paint – $30.00
Fabric – $20.00
Kitchen Island – $25.00
Caster Wheels – $15.00
Tulips – $4.00

TOTAL – $296.00

There! My first post!
I hope this gives you motivation to get started in your home!

Hope to see you here again soon!




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