DIY “Barnboard” Wall Feature

SO… when you buy a house that is approximately 60 years old you should expect that it’s going to have some quirks character.  Some things you’ll find will make you ask yourself…”Why?  Why would anyone put that wall there…or that light switch…or that window…or that pink carpet?”, well our house was no excepti2016-01-19 09.46.32_resizedon to this.

When we moved in the house was plastered in wallpaper with border (on top of the wallpaper), pink walls, pink carpet, etc..  I’ve been working away at it, and it’s finally beginning to feel like home.
In our kitchen there is was ‘built in shelving’.  It is shallow, high up off the floor, and just odd.  For the longest time (5 years) I had no idea how I could make this work into the decor of the house, I knew the glass shelves had to go as all they did was collect dust.

After the shelves came down I had a big, shallow square in the wall.  Now what?


See how high up that thing is?  What’s up with that?  You’ll also notice the walls have been painted… I’ll share that with you another time!

Okay, so I start staring…and looking at Pinterest every 4 minutes… and staring again… and Googling “how to decorate weird shallow built in shelving unit“…and nothing is coming up!
Then I ask to myself, ‘what are some of my favorite things to use while decorating the house?’.  Well, barn board, mason jars, grapevine wreathes, candles, flowers…I could go on… but actually I couldn’t because this thing isn’t that big, and it’s weird.
How the heck am I going to put all this in that weird square in the wall?  Vertically, of course!

Since I like saving money and real barn board is not cheap I went to our local building centre and picked up some knotty pine boards.  I cut them down to different lengths and made a square by attaching these metal mending plates to the back of the wood.I used different wood stains that I already had at home and started staining the wood.
I used Minwax ‘Jacobean’, ‘Ebony’, and ‘Classic Grey’.

Alright, now it’s starting to look like something.  I cut the wood so it would be snug in the weird square shelving unit and not fall out.  After I put it up, I started decorating it.

NOW we have something!!


This was my Fall decor, cute huh?
It’s such a cool focal point in the room and fun to change up each season

So, for the cost of about $20 I was able to create a new wall feature that used to be an eye sore!  Not bad, huh?

Do you have any weird spaces in your home you’re just not sure how to decorate?
I’d love to hear about them, feel free to share!




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