IMG_20150724_172140Welcome to my page! My name is Pamela Sutherland, and I’m the creator of Rosenbelle Reclaimed & Decor, a place where I hope you will find inspiration and motivation to take on those home projects you’ve been sharing on your Pinterest boards.  I have a true passion for re-purposing, decorating, and all things DIY.  I’m a dog mom to a 3 year old English Bulldog ‘Murphie’ and a wife to Cory.  We moved into our house almost six years ago and I just recently found the courage to tackle those home decor projects I had been eyeing for months to make our house a home.

You’re probably wondering how I came up with that name, right?  It is a compilation of both of my grandmother’s names, Rose and Mary-Belle. These ladies both came from a background where you had to stretch every dollar and ‘make-do’ what what you have.  This is exactly what Rosenbelle Reclaimed & Decor is all about, taking what you’ve got and turn it into something you’ve always wanted, without a huge price tag.

I will share ideas, projects, and DIY techniques that I have used to (slowly but surely) transform my 60+ year old home into a space I love and can be proud of.
Thanks for dropping by!



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